About Us

Welcome to Reemas - a small family business inspired by our daughters' names, Reema and Sarah. We're based in the UK and specialize in dates filled with nuts and dried fruit that make perfect gifts for any occasion.


Our business idea was born out of a personal experience when our dad broke his arm and was inundated with chocolate and flowers from friends. As much as we appreciated their thoughtfulness, we felt there must be alternative gifts that are healthy, delicious, and unique.


That's when we came up with the idea of creating date gifts. Dates are naturally sweet and packed with nutrients, and when combined with different nuts and dried fruits, they create a heavenly treat that's perfect for gifting.


We take pride in our craft and source only the finest ingredients to ensure our date gifts are of the highest quality. Our dates are carefully selected, filled with a delicious mix of nuts and dried fruits, and hand-packaged to make beautiful and thoughtful gifts.


As a small family business, we value each and every customer and strive to provide excellent service with a personal touch. We believe in the power of thoughtful gifting and hope that our date gifts bring joy and nourishment to all who receive them.