Dates Benefits

Dates Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

Over the past few years, studies have proven dates to have multiple health benefits, which include: being high in nutritional value and fiber; low in sodium, and rich in potassium; they may promote brain health and improve brain function. Dates are a natural sweetener - perfectly ideal for a healthy diet - and have the potential to help with blood sugar regulations.

What will happen if you start eating 2 dates every day for a week?


Why Choose Reemas?

When buying a gift, the first thing that comes to mind is a fancy chocolate box. Why not give something else for a change?
At Reemas we strive to make nutritious yet delicious gifts for fruit lovers and vegans. Dates are packed with antioxidants and fibers.

Reemas offers a selection of the finest dates chosen carefully with different tastes and textures, medjoul dates are soft and juicy, Khudri have like a hint of caramel taste, Sequai dates have two-tone color; crispy yellow top and tender light browns, Sukkari dates are sweet and Mabroom dates are chewy.

Our dates gift boxes are made up of an elaborate box, with either nut-filled, fruit-filled or a mix of nuts and fruit filled dates topped with a luxurious ribbon to add the final touch.  

We also love to do corporate and events platters or giveaway gifts. Nothing is better than a sweet natural treat. 

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